Google Goggles

I knew about Google Goggles but life was happening so fast, I really didn’t have a chance to explore the mode of visual search. On the iPhone 3G and higher, just hit your Google app. The search option appears and their will be a camera and microphone icon. Hit the mic and say what you want to find. Google is capturing your voice pattern and your search.

Hit the camera icon and take a picture of a book, DVD, product, landmarks, famous pictures and even a sudoku
puzzle and the results will shock many. Once facial recognition improves, I keep educating people about privacy, ethical and possible legal issues.

When people can be recognized with the wave of a phone, whether the person realizes it or not, how will this impact democracy? Will I one still attend a rally perceived to be politically incorrect by some? Will those in witness protection programs remain anonymous? Oh, I have more questions but I’m sure the reality is getting clearer as facial recognition software improves as well.

Don’t fear, be informed.

Remember, online sins may be forgiven, but they won’t be forgotten.

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