Search and 1984

Recently, I read the book 1984 by the late George Orwell. It was written in 1949. The main character is Winston Smith, a cog in a mighty big wheel of political power and dominance. Winston isn’t allowed to think for himself. His job is to rewrite history to make sure it is in line with what the “Party” says. People are not allowed to write. Winston attempted to secretly write in his journal. He learned to write when he was young. (Today, some schools no longer teach cursive writing, if a flip is switched and the digital world goes dark, who will still know how to read, write and do arithmetic?) There is a telescreen used to watch citizens and to share brainwashing messages. To some it is fanatical fantasy. To others, the book is frighteningly close to reality.

One of my Belmont University Mass Media students shared this TED video with me dealing with search results. The speaker demonstrates how each individual receives different search results while searching the same topic. This level of gatekeeping is dangerous. If I only care about travel and I google Egypt, I may only receive travel information and little if any information about the revolution. Please watch this video and share your comments.

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