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Lizz Winstead on Kramer vs Stewart

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During the Q & A after her talk at the Open Video Conference , Lizz Winstead answered a question about the Jim Kramer/Jon Stewart exchange. (Google it if you missed it.)

Lizz Winstead, Shoot the Messenger

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One of the memorable speakers for me at the Open Video Conference was Lizz Winstead. Winstead was a co-creator of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a stand up comedian in her own right and a very clever satirist in front of a live audience. She runs Shoot the Messenger and works on any number of other projects.

Winstead’s main point was that comedy is just another way to expose hypocrisy. She also said that “satire in the media has become the watchdogs of the watchdogs.” In other words, comedians are now policing the media to keep the media honest. Her advice to others is basically to react to reality and seize moments to take a comedic spin on what’s happening.

After her talk, she wished that she had mentioned the conflict in Iran. So I asked her to do so on camera. I also asked her for advice to students.