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What Young Journalists Should Know

Posted in Uncategorized on June 25th, 2009 by admin – Be the first to comment

Rob Curley runs the Pulitzer Prize winning Las Vegas Sun . I met Rob years ago when he worked at the Lawrence Journal World in Lawrence, Kansas. Then, I took a group of students to visit him at the Naples Daily News. I missed seeing him at the Washington Post Greenspun Interactive but caught up with him again in Vegas. Full disclosure: I count him as a friend and colleague.

Rob has always been a rebel with a cause. He is an entrepreneur, an innovator, an outlier and a journalist. Check out the mob history that his team created on the Vegas Sun website. If that isn’t storytelling, then what is? And it happens to be interactive, engaging and entertaining, so what’s so hard about that? Yes, he has a team of incredible programmers but guess what, there are college students who are dying for opportunities to show what they can do in order to market themselves to future employers. Heck, there are amateurs and high school students too. Shucks, there are probably some middle school students who could rev up news website.

Here’s his advice to aspiring journalists: